WineEd Challenge Rules

1. The objective

- To open and pour a bottle of wine evenly into 6 wine glasses in the shortest possible time

- You must empty the whole bottle and only pour into each glass once

2. The bottle

- 750ml

- Sealed with a cork

- The neck must be covered by a foil capsule

3. The glasses

- 6 standard wine glasses

- Glass size must be at least 175ml volume

- Placed in a line horizontally

- Spaced 1cm apart



4. The opening

- Use a Waiter’s Friend corkscrew

- Balance the corkscrew on the top of the bottle

- Start with your hands by your side

- Start your timer with a call of ‘Ready, Set, Go’

- Remove the capsule first by cutting under the lip

- Then remove the cork

Time penalties (10 seconds each)

10 second penalties will be added to the overall time if any of the following occur:

Incorrect opening

- You fail to cut and remove the capsule before removing the cork

Resting on the rim

- You rest the neck of the bottle on the rim of the glasses when pouring

Re-pouring glasses

- You pour into any glass for the second time

Excessive spillage

- You spill more than half a glass during the challenge (approx. 60ml)

Uneven fill levels

- If any of the glasses is more than 1cm over (or under) the level of the others

Unfinished bottle

- If there is wine left in the bottle at the end of the challenge

Demo Video

Leader Board

Position Name Time
1st WineEd Paul 33.46s
2nd Luigi 34.00s
3rd WineEd Sarah 34.38s
4th Pasquale 35.72s
5th Ben 36.37s
6th Jorge 37.13s
7th William 37.43s
8th Piers 39.38s
9th Jorge 39.50s
10th Sergio 39.86s
Position Name Time
11th Michael 39.86s
12th Will 40.38s
13th Freddy 40.92s
14th Marco 41.65s
15th Fred Siriex 41.78s
16th Ali 41.89s
17th Daniel 42.27s
18th Christian 42.28s
19th Sebastian 42.83s
20th Mariam 43.27s

Notable Performances

WineEd Paul  36.81s

WineEd Sarah 36.97s

Sergio 39.86s

Michael 40.37s

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